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A nordic venture fund based in reykjavik

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Crowberry Capital invests at seed and early stage in outstanding teams building global businesses around true technology advantages. We work with our teams to build fast paced, international companies from the Nordics. We have a strong follow through philosophy. We back the best from seed to exit.

The founding partners behind Crowberry Capital have worked together for over 7 years. The Crowberry team has managed over 51 technology start-ups, negotiated a total of 15 exits and made 17 seed investments. The Crowberry team has a global outlook, having lived and worked in a total of 8 countries on 4 continents.

Hekla Arnardottir
Founding Partner


Helga Valfells
Founding & Managing Partner


Jenny Ruth Hrafnsdottir
Founding Partner


Egill Másson
Investment Advisory Board


Ásdís Magnúsdóttir
Investment Advisory Board


Gummi Hafsteinsson
Investment Advisory Board



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Investment process

add Ask for a Meeting Call us or email – and ask for a meeting. We meet with all companies that match our investment strategy.
add Pitch Meeting We invite you to come and pitch at our office.
add Deep Dive After our pitch meeting we take our time to learn and understand about your business and may visit you at your offices and ask alot of questions.
add Tech and Marketing DD We do our due dilligence on your technology and market, we may call your customers and talk to experts in your field.
add Legal DD After the term sheet is signed we get an outside advisor who looks through and validate all your internal documentation. The DD report may suggest areas that need to be improved, things we may want to fix before we invest.
add Investment When all documents have been signed, funds will be transfered to your account and this is where the real work begins. We will now spend the next few years as your partner in building a global tech company.

Document process

add Brief Outline Before we book a meeting we would like you to send us a high level one page outline of your plan.
add Pitch Deck When you come for the pitch meeting you should have an pitch deck ready to share with us. Remember to include: Team; Product; Business model; Market; Competition; High level 5 year revenue plan; Use of funds.
add Letter of Intent Before we decide to spend more time analyzing the investment case we send you a non binding Loi. Both parties sign the LoI to show that we are all working together towards a common investment goal.
add Term Sheet We have a standardized term sheet that we send to founders. The term sheet highlights our investment terms and allows us time to undertake Due Diligence and Finalise the final investment documents.
add SPA/SHA/AOA We send you the final documents which are a Share Purchase Agreement, Shareholders Agreement and Articles of Association. These documents should reflect all the terms signed off in the term sheet.



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