Crowberry capital

We invest in bold, creative & hardworking entrepreneurs


A nordic venture fund

building great companies


Crowberry Capital invests at seed and early stage in outstanding Nordic teams building global businesses around true technology advantages. We want to fund people that are good for companies and build companies that are good for people. We always put your company first by addressing every decision from what is best for your company.

We have the courage to bet early on tech and see the value in technology before market validation.
We see a business opportunity in inclusivity. The tech ecosystem is changing and everyone should have the opportunity to be a part of it. 
We have a strong follow through philosophy and back the best from seed to exit. Our first “ticket in” is up to $2m.
Read more about our new fund here.

Hekla Arnardottir
Founding Partner

Helga Valfells
Founding & Managing Partner

Jenny Ruth Hrafnsdottir
Founding Partner

Ivar Gretarsson
Director of Finance

Egill Másson
Investment Advisory Board


Ásdís Magnúsdóttir
Investment Advisory Board


Gummi Hafsteinsson
Investment Advisory Board


Ragnar Guðmundsson
Investment Advisory Board



1939 Games
Mainframe Industries

Digital Health Company Undisclosed



Investment process

add Ask for a Meeting Please call us or email to book a meeting. We see all companies that fit our investment strategy.
add Pitch Meeting We invite you to come and pitch at our office.
add Deep Dive After the pitch meeting we take time to learn and understand your business.
add Tech and Marketing DD We do initial due diligence on your technology and market. We may call your customers and speak with experts in your field.
add Term Sheet We negotiate a term sheet with you that summarises the terms of our investment and how we will work with you and other investors.
add Legal and financial DD We hire oudside advisors to review the companies legal documents and financial records.
add Investment When the agreements have been signed, we transfer funds to your company account. This is when the real work begins. We will now spend the next few years working with you to build a global technology company.


add Brief Outline When you book a meeting with us, we would like you to send us a one- page outline of your plan.
add Pitch Deck When you come for the pitch meeting please have your pitch deck ready. Remember to include: Team, product, business model, market, competition, 5 year revenue plan, and use of funds.
add Letter of Intent Before both of us commit more time to the process, we sign a LOI. This shows that we intend to work together towards a common investment goal.
add Term Sheet We send you our standard term sheet which highlights our investment terms and tells you what to expect in the Deal documents.
add Legal Agreements After successful due diligence, we sign binding documents: Share Subscription Agreement – how much we will invest, what stake we will get. Articles of Association – rules of corporate governance. Shareholders Agreeement – how we work with other shareholders.



Klapparstígur 16,
101 ReykjavíK, Iceland

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